Why You Should Have Access Control Systems In Your Business Facility

Security has been a growing concern for businesses in different industries- from small shops to large corporations. Priority is now being placed on keeping people, equipment and information safe. It is then important to reinforce the need to control access into organizations and to properly identify those persons who are seeking access.

In the past, many businesses used lock-and-key access systems. While this type of system can work for a business with only a handful of employees, it usually isn’t effective for companies with larger workforces. Employee keys can get misplaced or fall into the wrong hands, and companies must spend money either replacing the keys or all their locks. Another potential problem with this type of system is that within most companies, only high-level staff receive keys. This results in employees not having access to the facility in situations where the staff is absent from work.

An access control system can provide you with greater control over who enters your building and when they enter your building. It can also allow you the power to remotely monitor access to your business. With these types of systems, employees use badges with embedded wireless technologies or punch-in codes to gain access to the building or certain spaces. These systems allow businesses to control who can access buildings or rooms always or on certain days and times. They are also more user-friendly for employees at all levels, who may need to have access in and out of buildings after their supervisors leave for the day.

With access control systems, companies can keep track of who is entering and leaving buildings. This information can be valuable to business owners or managers if a potential issue, such as stolen office supplies or data breach, occurs on a specific day or time. Using the security systems, they can find out who was inside buildings or rooms when the issues arose.

              Access control system

Emergency situations can happen at work, and sometimes, companies need to have emergency lockdowns. Access control systems can make emergency situations much easier to handle. Using the devices, those in charge can restrict who enters and leaves a building. They also can use the systems to account for all their employees during emergency situations.



Our unique Access control solution is also integrate-able with a Time and Attendance solution that helps manage and monitor the hours employees spend within the facility. This Output Management tool efficiently monitors time spent; it has a robust data management system that allows periodic spooling of staff itinerary within a specified timeline.

Upgrade the security of your business today with the assistance of ChamsAccess professionals. We can assist you with setting up the right access control system for your business.