Over the years  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved into a sophisticated and elaborate tool that is at times almost indistinguishable from the human being. It helps to handle a lot of time-consuming and mundane, repetitive stuff that workers are often forced to do instead of something more valuable. (See here for what you need to know about AI).

Al intelligence is enabling businesses to work smarter and faster, doing more with significantly less. As technology and society continue to advance, more organisations are looking for powerful, sophisticated solutions that will improve and streamline operations. AI can provide smoother, instantly reacting service, which can improve itself and at the same time gather valuable insights from the interactions with the customers.

Here are 5 areas AI is currently thriving:

  • Customer Service (Chatbots)

Chatbots are always on, delivering smart and flexible analytics through conversations on mobile devices using standard messaging tools and voice-activated interfaces. it is some form of automated AI that begins these conversations. As these AI chat bots can understand natural language, i.e. human conversation, they can readily assist customers in finding out what they need to know. This dramatically reduces the time to collect data for all business users, thereby accelerating the pace of business and streamlines the way analysts use their time.


  • Security

As cyber-attacks increase in frequency and more sophisticated tools are used to breach cyber defences, human operators are no longer enough. Top firms across the world are investing heavily in cybersecurity to ensure their data is protected. Real-time threat detection, mitigation, and ideally, prevention, are what’s needed for businesses – and AI can deliver. Using machine learning algorithms and feeding those algorithms great quantities of data, IT and security experts can teach the AI solution to monitor behaviour, detect anomalies, adapt and respond to threats and issue alerts. AI has quickly become a key component in a business’ cybersecurity infrastructure, providing a multi-layered security strategy that is robust and sophisticated.


  • Recruitment

Oversights are a common problem in HR-department — something always slips through and sometimes it leads to wrong choices and consequences. AI It can handle basic CV reviews and even provide initial interviews in which chatbot can provide a simple Q&A to construct a profile of an interviewee. It is important to note that AI can handle dozens upon dozens of such operations instantly. Which is helpful when you are in constant search for the best professionals.  Also, AI can help with composing the most attractive and persuasive job offers based on trends and interviewee behaviour.


  • Agriculture

There are entrepreneurs with many acres of land that need to be farmed or a livestock that needs to be kept healthy and productive. With artificial intelligence, farmers are now able to grow better crops and look after their animals while saving time and energy. Drones monitor the condition of the soil and determine whether it needs watering or seeding, while sensors in and around cows check their health and nutrition. Cameras monitor vegetables and fruit and are being taught to recognize irregularities or problems such as dehydration and unwelcome insects. All this data can be used to predict the perfect time to harvest, or to estimate total milk production in the long term. This information, in turn, helps farmers to save out on costs for energy, cattle feed, lighting and water.


  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence empowers businesses to act on consumer data to drive improvements throughout many areas of supply chain operations. Mobile technology and the “Uberization” of things have made consumers hungry for AI.

Consumers demand shorter delivery waits from retailers and retailers will expect the same from manufacturers and distribution centers. Autonomous trucks and robotic picking systems allow supply chains to make fulfillment seven days a week. Within the next few years, consumers will expect delivery at night and even during weekends.



AI is here to stay, and it is only for our benefit. As you can see, it already established itself in many business segments, and it is already obvious how much it improves them.